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Welcome to Express Life Chiropractic. We are a neurologically based chiropractic corrective care office. Chiropractic care is completely natural healthcare. It can, without drugs or surgery, create optimum function of the central nervous system and has been shown to correct ailments that are far removed from their proximity to the spine, creating a true experience of health and vitality.

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease" Hippocrates

TMJ & Chronic Sinus Issues

“Within a few visits my severe pain was gone, and I felt more like myself and Thanks to chiropractic, I was able to avoid another unnecessary surgery”

Sciatica & Low Back Pain

“I have no more numbness and tingling in my leg!”


“My head always felt foggy and it was very difficult to concentrate.”

Anxiety, Depression, & Fainting Attacks

“Since I have started chiropractic care, I have not fainted one time. I no longer take medicine for anxiety and I have been able to reduce how often I take my depression medication!”


Express Life Chiropractic

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