What to Expect

At, Express Life Chiropractic we see people with a variety of health conditions. Through our thorough chiropractic assessment we use state-of-the-art technology to get to the root cause of your health concerns, to allow the body to Express Life.

Day 1

Day 2


Complete Intake Forms

This gives us information on your health history, and helps us tailor our care towards you. Completing this before your first appointment saves you 15 minutes in office.


Day 1


Office Tour

Express Life Chiropractic office tour

We then take you on a tour of our office, explaining how we go about care in our office, and ensuring you feel comfortable every time you visit our office.


One-on-One Consultation

Chiropractic Consultation

A team member will then sit down with you and go over your health. Talk about your health goals, and real expectations for care in our office.


Neurological Assessment

This is where we utilize state-of-the-art NASA published technology to get an exact assessment of your nervous system. This allows us to find exactly where there is stress on those nerves!


Diagnostic X-Rays

chiropractic xrays

At this point, to conclude your first appointment, we may utilize our chiropractic postural x-ray suite, if necessary, to get an examination of the structure of your spine.

* Cost of X-rays not included in any specials *

This concludes the Day 1 in our office. Typically, adjustments do not occur on the first day.

Day 2


Principled Doctor's Report

Your second appointment will start in a group setting where we will go over health and healing from A-to-Z, talk about what we're looking for, and how we adjust in our office.


Report of Findings &

Individualized Recommendations

Then, we will take you back individually to go over your diagnostic x-rays, a report of our findings, the results of your examination, and our doctors' individualized recommendations for care. 


Opportunity for 1st Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment

At this point, we will go over our financials, including insurance, however we can make care most affordable. Then, get you your first adjustment.


Patience is key. While you may experience some improvements immediately, others can take time. At our office we like to say; Rome, wasn't built in a day, your symptoms didn't arise in a day, and healing won't occur in a day. By giving your body time and repetition, you will be able to reach your health goals allowing your body to EXPRESS LIFE! Please know, some initial stiffness is normal. This indicates that your body is changing and initiating the healing process.