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A Safer and Easier Journey With a Pregnancy Chiropractor

Benefits of Going to a Pregnancy Chiropractor

Support Your Changing Body’s Alignment

As your body goes through incredible changes during pregnancy, so will your needs and the type of care you require. A pregnancy chiropractor can help you identify and ease into these bodily changes more easily throughout your pregnancy.

Detect and Prevent Fetal Malposition

Your pregnancy chiropractor can assist in the detection and prevention of fetal malposition, which is used to describe when the baby is not correctly positioned in a headfirst way for ideal labor and delivery. If the mother has a tight or compressed sacrum, along with a misaligned tailbone, the baby may be pushed to the posterior position (facing head down, but with the face positioned toward the stomach instead of the back). In many cases, chiropractic manipulation of the mother’s back and pelvis is all that may be required to get the baby to turn.

Reduce Pain and Create an Optimal Pregnancy and Birth Experience

As your pregnancy chiropractor works to establish balance in your pelvic and back areas, you may experience significantly reduced tightness and discomfort during your pregnancy. Additionally, these adjustments also help to provide the baby with more room to move and develop.

Experience Relief With a Pregnancy Chiropractor in Lincoln, NE

At Express Life Chiropractic, we are dedicated to practicing chiropractic care in service of the individual’s entire wellness. From pre-conception throughout pregnancy and into postpartum, expectant moms seeking the finest pregnancy chiropractor in Lincoln, NE, are in excellent hands with Dr. Ashley and Dr. Troy. To explore natural healthcare solutions for the most optimal pregnancy and birth experience, please contact us today.