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Amazing healing journeys to give you hope for your health and the future!

Reflux, Discomfort, & Weight Gain

Ava came into the office suffering from persistent discomfort and reflux. She spit up after every feeding, making it difficult for her to gain weight properly, and expressed her discomfort through frequent fussing. After receiving chiropractic care, her reflux greatly improved and she was able to gain weight. Ava is no longer suffering daily from discomfort and has grown into a much happier baby.

“By 4 months old her symptoms had dramatically improved. She is eating better, gaining weight, and a happier baby!”

Comfortable Pregnancy & Healthy Birth

Chrissy’s fourth pregnancy caused her to have unbearable back pain and she knew it was something that wouldn’t go away on its own. It was so bad she was forced to take Tylenol, despite her hesitations to do so. She generally avoids medications, opting for more clean and homeopathic solutions. 

Chiropractic gave Chrissy remarkable relief in a very short period of time. She didn’t need to use Tylenol for the rest of her pregnancy and was able to enjoy it without being in pain. She also saw the many benefits of chiropractic care during her labor, delivery, and postpartum healing. Her labor and delivery were faster and easier than previous pregnancies. She also noted that her body was able to better cope with the trauma of birth, seeing faster and easier postpartum recovery results.

“On a scale of 1-10, my back pain was at a 10, very painful. I could hardly move and couldn’t pick anything up, including my other 3 children. Chiropractic allowed me to appreciate my pregnancy, enjoy my other kids, and have a smooth labor & delivery!”

Reynoldson Family
Proactive Health Care & Family Function

The Reynoldson family has seen amazing results for many issues. Mom and dad love the holistic approach our office takes to health care. The kids have been adjusted since birth, and the family as a whole rarely gets sick. The kids are currently using chiropractic to work on emotion control, anxiety, and focus with great results. 

Mom has been able to limit her autoimmune flare-ups, as well as stop taking her heart medication (as it is not needed anymore). She has also been able to reduce her extreme fatigue, giving her more energy to express life and enjoy her children. Dad started care to boost his immune system and avoid illness. He has seen a huge difference in the frequency and severity of illness in himself, as well as the entire family. 

“We experience little to no pain, function at an optimal level, and live active lives with exercise, yoga, sports, dance, gymnastics. The office and doctors align with my holistic approach to health care- actual health care, not sick care! The office has become invested in my family’s lives, always willing to slow down and take time to brainstorm ideas or steps to take toward an even healthier, cleaner life.”

ADHD & Sleep

Zach was just 8 years old when he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He wasn’t sleeping or focusing well and was frequently interrupting or blurting, causing school to be a major stressor for him. He had more outstanding assignments than completed ones. Due to these symptoms he was put on medication. However, him and his family weren’t convinced this was the best solution and Zach was suffering from side effects, which added more stress to his daily life.

After receiving chiropractic care, Zach now gets a higher quality of sleep every night and is much better about interrupting. He has more focus in school and misses less assignments. While he still takes the medication, he hasn’t changed the dosage of his medication since he was 8 and he’s now a teenager! Chiropractic has helped him further minimize his symptoms and stopped him from needing to up his medication dose, as most people with ADHD must do.

“I have better focus during the school day, I get my assignments done on time, and my grades have improved!”

Hope After Car Accident

Becca came to Express Life after a car accident left her in tremendous and daily pain. She was living with headaches, neck pain, back pain, sensitivity to light, numbness in her fingers, and the list goes on. She was even told she would need surgery. 

After suffering for months she decided to try chiropractic and saw beautiful results. All of her symptoms significantly improved, with most completely gone, and she was able to avoid surgery. Becca credits chiropractic, as well as Dr. Troy and Dr. Ashley for her healing!

“I thought I would never have a day I wasn’t miserable or experiencing extreme pain. Express Life changed my life!”

Pain, Symptom Relief, & Walking

Julie was diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropathy, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She lived with constant pain throughout her entire body for years, believing the doctors who told her there were no other options. Julie has also needed a cane to walk for the past 5 years, sometimes even a wheelchair.

After learning that chiropractic can help with many ailments, she decided to give our doctors at Express Life a try. Shortly after starting care, she was walking without a cane and full of hope for the future. She can now take her dog on walks, play with her grandchildren, and enjoy her life with minimum pain!

“I just can’t contain my excitement over the changes that are going on throughout my entire body! I had been led to believe by doctors that I was given a life sentence of dealing with overwhelming & consuming illnesses for the rest of my life. All of you at Express Life provide & fill me with such hope and strengthen my faith in ‘THROUGH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!’